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The Cost

Individualized Learning Support for Every School or District

Choose the plan that fits your budget, upcoming school and district initiatives, and supports your entire school communities.

For Implementation

The basics to make your personalized learning plans seamless.


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  • Simplified IEPs, 504s, and more
  • All individualized learning plans in one place
  • SIS & IEP compliance Interoperability
  • Whole team collaboration, communication, & engagement

For Compliance

Making compliance a breeze for all stakeholders.


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  • IEP & 504 Compliance & Reporting
  • Seamless Progress Reporting & LMS Interoperability
  • Suite of Reporting Tools
  • Automated & Custom Service Tracking
  • Medicaid Reimbursement Support

Full Suite Support

Compliance plus customized programs for supporting every learner.

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  • Full Compliance Platform
  • Dedicated Support Team
  • Professional Development
  • Customizable Report Creation
  • 1:1 Instructional Coaching for Educators & Sped Leaders
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Professional Development Support

IEP&Me supports schools and districts to implement innovative and best practices for special education and supporting all learners.

Teacher and Staff Professional Development

Using Student Accommodations to Differentiate

Co-teaching Successfully

Creating Rigorous IEP Goals

Student Led IEP Meetings 1.0

Student Led IEP Meetings 2.0

Involving Families in the IEP Process

Creating Data-Driven Present Levels

Coaching and Program Evaluation

Coaching Support Plan

Coaching Sessions (Virtual)

Coaching Visits (In-Person)

Student Professional Development

What is an IEP?

Nitty Gritty Disability

My Rights as a Student with an IEP

How I Learn and What I Need (IEP Accommodations)

Leading My IEP Meeting

Parents Professional Development

Your Student’s IEP - A Team Approach

Working with Your Student at Home

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Loved by the entire education community.

From homes to classrooms to communities, IEP&Me users are ecstatic to have a simple, online, cloud-based platform to access their accommodation plans and get their questions answered.

    • Kids with IEPs are beautiful, complex people- just like everyone else- but for families, staff, and students, the IEP process doesn’t usually reflect that. I’ve been a teacher, principal, and executive director and this was the tool we were missing. IEP&Me rightfully centers the learner among their IEP team and helps the team work together more effectively on their behalf.

      Brad White
      National Blue Ribbon Award-winning principal & School Founder
    • IEP&Me has opened communication pathways between our staff and our families in such an easy and convenient way! Our homeschool families love how easy it is for them to share data and work samples on one user friendly page.

      Kara Trudgeon
      Director of Pupil Services
    • IEP&Me is an amazing tool! I love how easy it is to use and how versatile it is. This platform allows for IEP members to easily access student’s goals and progress notes and share direct messages with parents and related service providers. By far one of the best tools I’ve used to collaborate with staff and parents. I used to spend hours filling out vital student IEP information on a google spreadsheet to then share with staff. This tool has cut my summer prep time in half and offers a great way to access student’s information and communicate with IEP team members and parents/ guardians in a seamless and timely manner.

      Jessica Gonzalez
      Director of Special Education
    • IEP&Me makes the process of special education clear for the most important people: students & families.  There are so many tools for sped teachers, but IEP&Me is the first tool that connects all constituents in an easy to use and understand interface.  Finally, teachers can easily empower students to self-advocate and engage in their own education.

      Katrina Velasco
      Education Specialist
    • IEP&Me would’ve been super helpful for me in school! I used to carry a piece of paper listing my accommodations and would often lose it, and when I showed the teachers the list they would often forget the accommodations within a week. During IEP meetings, we would often have to go over the accommodations multiple times. IEP&Me is super easy to use and the teachers could pull it up on their computer anytime to review my accommodations, services, and goals, and could help them to give me the best learning environment possible.

      Young Adult
    • Navigating an IEP path is difficult and stressful, with all the complex legal jargon and special education terminology in this legally binding document. IEP&Me has made it easy and accessible for our family to get the information we require.

      Verenis Gonzalez

Specialized Education Made Easy

Improve your schools fidelity of accommodation implementation, family engagement for students with individualized needs, and increase student voice and outcomes.

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