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Changing the way schools and families work together to empower students with learning differences.

IEP&Me is the first IEP management platform that is made for the entire special education team: special educators, general educators, parents, AND students with disabilities. Unlike other special education platforms, IEP&Me fosters true, easy collaboration across the entire special education team, including students and parents. IEP&Me teaches students to be their own best advocates and builds a foundation of trust in the IEP process, leading to better relationships with families and committed, happy educators for their schools.

Our Mission

IEP&Me ensures every student can achieve academically regardless of their disability by providing an online platform that seeks to empower students to take control of their learning through an individualized learning and advocacy plan. IEP&Me supports students, teachers and families throughout the special education process, seeking to create transparency, clarity, and ease so that students can be lifelong learners and valuable members of society.

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