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Bridgette Leslie

Bridgette Leslie

Chief Executive Officer

Bridgette entered the education world in 2011, first through volunteering and assisting teachers before earning her teaching credential in 2013.

As a special educator that has worked across grade levels, demographics, and disabilities, Bridgette realized that the way schools have worked for students with different learning styles is just not working.

Students are not in the process of creating their own learning plans. Parents are uninformed and feel powerless. Special education teachers are left to work with software, and in environments, that are old and dysfunctional. General education teachers are left out and lacking support.

Realizing current inadequacies in the special education system, Bridgette decided to create curriculum and software to fill the gaps and address existing problems.

Coretta Martin

Coretta Martin

Chief Strategy Officer

Coretta is a lifelong educator on a mission towards social justice by ensuring quality education and economic growth for Black and brown people worldwide. She has degrees from Howard University, University of Southern California, and is currently part of Harvard University and University of Pennsylvania.

She has worked in education as a teacher, instructional leader, special education director, Chief Academic Officer, and more in both school settings and with educational leadership programs. With a passion for global education and social justice.

Coretta prioritizes working with international organizations specializing in teacher and leader training, curriculum development, and increasing access to study abroad opportunities for people of color.

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