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IEP&Me Product Introduction

Finally, IEP software built by educators and experts - a game changer.

The software platform IEP & Me offers is a fresh and intuitive way to approach IEP software. The platform promises:

  • Up to date 2022 standards for education technology.

  • Access to student, parent, and general education teachers in one place.

  • Student updating their own pages for annual IEP meetings with parents and educators.

  • Intensive data collection and analysis for the whole IEP team to stay on track with individual student goals.

  • Connect curriculum with executive functioning and self-advocacy goals.

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IEP&Me Software Helps Teachers and Leaders

Through multiple log-on opportunities for General Education teachers, Special Education teachers and Service Providers, the entire IEP team has access to a student’s IEP, goals and progress.

IEP&Me Software Helps Students and Families

IEP&Me provides opportunities for students to have access to and fully comprehend their IEP. Students and families can access their IEP at any time, and provide updates on specific goals, with the ability upload evidence. Students learn to lead their own IEP, and advocate for the accommodations.

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