Students listening to teacher in classroom

Our Mission

IEP&Me ensures every student can achieve academically regardless of their disability by providing an online platform that seeks to empower students to take control of their learning through an individualized learning and advocacy plan. IEP&Me supports students, teachers and families throughout the special education process, seeking to create transparency, clarity, and ease so that students can be lifelong learners and valuable members of society.

Our Guiding Values

We believe that students...

  • Are their own best advocates.

  • Have the ability and right to know and understand their disability, including how it impacts their academic career and lives.

  • Are capable of leading their annual Individual Education Plan meetings and taking control of their learning experience.

We believe that families...

  • Have the right to access and participate in the Individual Education Plan throughout the year.

  • Can be active participants in their students learning.

We believe that educators...

  • Need to have access to a student's Individual Education Plan without unnecessary barriers.

  • Need to learn about their students holistically in order to best meet their needs and teach successfully.

  • Should be able to share progress and updates about their students consistently.

  • Should understand all types of learning styles and disabilities and feel comfortable teaching to every student.

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