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Revolutionizing Special Education...

For Schools

IEP&Me is here to lighten the lift of successful special education implementation for schools. Our platform makes differentiation, providing accommodations, deep-diving special education, and communicating with the IEP team significantly easier.

For Parents & Guardians

IEP&Me provides parents and guardians a secure place to hold keep track of their student’s IEP information, find resources to learn more, and provide feedback and data points on their goals and accommodations.

Either as part of an established IEP&Me school, or as an individual that can invite teachers and staff to be part of their student’s team, IEP&Me is accessible to any and all parents.

For Investors

IEP&Me is a certified C-Corp that is currently raising their pre-seed round of funding. Backed by Baron Davis Enterprises and several others, we are raising to expand the reach of IEP&Me to schools and families throughout the country. Whether you're investing as an individual or part of a firm, IEP&Me would love to connect.

What We Do

IEP Management Platform

An innovative IEP platform that helps teachers share crucial information with all stakeholders, while increasing transparency in the process. We want teachers to be informed and have tools in their toolbox for supporting the students in their classrooms that learn differently. We want students to advocate for themselves and what they need to be successful, and we want families to feel informed throughout the whole process, so they can trust their student is receiving the best education possible.

Self-Advocacy Curriculum

Students are capable of amazing things, and we think one of them is being able to advocate for what they need to be successful. IEP&Me provides an animated Self-Advocacy Curriculum so students can learn how to lead their own IEP meeting, learn advocacy skills so they receive their accommodations, and learn about themselves and what makes them successful so they can enter post-secondary options with the tools necessary to succeed beyond high school.

Targeted Professional Development

We think Special Education teachers deserve specialized professional development, tailored to what they need to meet the needs of their students. We help teachers learn new differentiation approaches, killer IEP writing techniques, and proven co-teaching approaches that make everyone happy. The average amount of time a Special Education teacher stays in the field is 5 years. We want to increase that time, so that highly skilled teachers are staying in front of our students. Providing professional development that meets the needs of Special Education teachers is needed now!

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