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What does it cost to use?

IEP&Me is free for parents!

If you are a teacher, school leader, or district office administrator, please reach out to [email protected] to set up a call to review our demo and talk through some specific questions that will help us provide a quote based on your school or district needs.

What do I do if I forget my password?

If you forget your password, simply click the ‘Forgot my Password’ link on the login page and we will send an email to the one attached to your account to reset. If you have any difficulties with the email attached to your account, please reach out to [email protected] to resolve any issues.

What is a student led IEP?

A student-led IEP is when the student is involved in the update of their annual IEP and have a significant presence in the IEP meeting to review the new IEP. This can look different based on the ability, and comfortability, level of the student. Please see our student-led IEP blog series for more detailed information.

What resources are available to students in the program?

IEP&Me has several resources available to students. This section of our website has resources meant specifically for students. We also have in-person trainings direct to students, or via a “train the trainer” program for educators, to support schools in student engagement with IEP&Me.

In the coming months and years, IEP&Me will be creating a self-determination curriculum available through schools or for a fee for parents.

Who can see the IEP / access student info? (Parents, teachers etcetera)

When parents create an IEP&Me account, they get to choose who has access to their child’s IEP and student information via invitations to their IEP&Me team.

For IEP&Me schools, IEP and student information access is determined by the teachers and service providers that are assigned to a student via either the schools SIS (student information system) and/or designated by a school administrator. Those that have access to a students’ IEP are those that have direct interaction with the student on a day-to-day basis and for which it is mandatory, or helpful, for them to know the details of the IEP to have successful implementation.

Can I add private chat/comments to specific people or on documents?

IEP&Me offers communication options for its users within their account to those that are also on the IEP&Me team. At the moment, comments on documents that serve as data points are visible to the entire IEP&Me team and are not able to be restricted to specific users.

How do I find IEP documents?

If your child already has an IEP, your school should have given you a paper copy of your students IEP and/or a PDF via email. If you’ve lost those documents, please reach out to your child’s special education teacher to request a PDF of the most updated IEP.

How do I upload IEP documents?

The best type of document for IEP&Me is a PDF. In the parent onboarding process, one of the steps to create a profile will be to upload a PDF of your child’s IEP.

What happens after I create an IEP&Me account?

After you create an account with IEP&Me, we will send you a follow up email to confirm when your child’s IEP is ready. Within your IEP&Me account, you’ll be able to invite your child, their school teachers and staff, and outside service providers to join their IEP&Me team with you!

Once you’ve created an account and your team, you can find resources to understand the IEP, the IEP process and school collaboration, and supporting your child at home. Within IEP&Me you can also communicate with your team, interact with the IEP, and provide input and data points on your child’s IEP goals.

What if my school isn't using IEP&ME yet?

That’s okay - individuals can use IEP&Me whether or not your child is in an IEP&Me school! Simply create an account on our platform and get started.

How do I get my school to use IEP&Me?

Parents are great advocates for getting their child’s school to implement IEP&Me!

A great way to introduce the school or district is to invite your child’s teachers to join your IEP&Me team. This way, teachers and administrators can get a glimpse of how seamless IEP&Me is.

Parents can also encourage the school administrators and principals to connect with the IEP&Me team to get a quote and start the implementation process for the upcoming semester or school year.

I homeschool my kids. Will this work for me?

It could! IEP&Me is made for the use in school settings, however if parents have decided to homeschool, it is possible to use IEP&Me to create and track your child’s progress, and invite other teachers or service providers to collaborate with you.

Can you all give me legal advice on my students situation?

No. There are several special education advocates and lawyers that provide advice and support on working with schools and districts. IEP&Me does not provide legal support. Our software and resources support understanding of the IEP document and process within schools, as well as create a more collaborative process.

Will my child's IEP information be secure?

Yes! At IEP&Me we utilize the most up-to-date cloud security to ensure that all your information is safe and protected.

Who can I add to access student data (outside services)?

You are able to invite any other adults that provide support outside of the school and might provide valuable insight to the IEP present levels and goals. Whoever you think would benefit from collaborating with!

Can I access the information after graduation?

Yes! IEP&Me works with schools to ensure that, as students graduate and move on to post-secondary options, that their IEP&Me account ownership is transferred to the student. Just like accommodations and support services continue in post-secondary settings, IEP&Me is here to support students in their future learning and working endeavors.

How do I comment/ start a chat with a teacher?

In order to send a message to a teacher, please go to the ‘Communications’ tab at the top of your dashboard.

To make a comment, or attach a data point to an IEP goal, please go to your IEP page, drop down the goal you want to provide feedback on, and click the ‘+’ symbol. Please use our instructional video for a visual with more detailed information.

Do you offer PD outside of just platform training?

Yes! IEP&Me is a company created by education veterans. We offer a full suite of professional development offerings that focus on supporting students with documented learning needs, including those with IEPs, 504s, and multi-lingual learners. Please refer to our professional development page to see all of our offerings.

We also offer parent-focused trainings to support with family engagement, and can be on-campus to support students in use of the platform and building self-advocacy skills.

If you have questions about a specific need, or would like to work with IEP&Me for your professional development, please email [email protected].

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